Sorry I have been MIA

Hey guys,

So it looks like I haven’t blogged in over a month! OOPS! I would like to blame this on many things but the main reason I have been MIA is that there is not enough hours in the day for me to get everything I need to do done. And yes I know everyone in the world gets the same amount of hours per day and I love it how people says “You have the same amount of hours per day as Beyonce” or however that saying goes but little do people realise that Beyonce has a buttload of people working for her to help her get all her stuff done! Whereas me and all of us mere mortals only have ourselves to rely on to get our stuff done. So all that being said I decided, last week, that I needed to drop a unit to save my own sanity. And yes, before anyone says anything, I know census date has been and gone and that I have now incurred a financial and academic penalty but is it really worth me losing my mind over? I think I bit off more than I could chew when I decided 4 units was a GOOD idea to start with for my very first term of uni. I was all like “Oh yeah, I got this, I’m gonna rock this term!” but I was busting my brain and seriously having no life to do it. I was literally spending all my time in front of my laptop or with my head buried in a textbook, I had no time for anyone!

So, now that I have dropped a unit (I’m down to 3) I still don’t have A LOT of spare time but at least I have a little bit. At least now I can spend some time with my husband lol.

Ok having said all that I am off to bury my head in a textbook!




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