I’m getting on a plane & never coming back!

I think I have finally finished my assessment. I feel like I have been doing this assessment for 1000 years! Hopefully I am done but if you want to read it and give me feedback you are more than welcome to.

Assessment 1 Steps 3 – 6

BSA Spreadsheet Assignment 1 Step 4

During my time doing this assignment I have lost faith in myself many many times. I have felt like dropping this unit on more than one occasion but alas the census date has been and gone. But then I got the days when I felt like I was on top of it, when I felt like I was finally understanding the accountanese.

fb_img_1488962467006.jpg This really helped me during my time struggling through this assignment. The constant little pep talks really helped!

I’m glad I am doing this unit because it is pushing me out of my comfort zone (something I don’t leave very often).

Until next time peeps, I will continue to give myself little pep talk!

Enjoy being bad ass people!!!!!


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