Accounting – not as boring as I thought!

I have been slaving away trying to finish my draft for Assignment One by 3pm, yes 3pm Perth time instead of 5pm which I feel thoroughly miffed about. How is it far we get 2 hours less time than everyone else?  One of the many joys of living on the West Coast I guess :). Anyhoo, I have finished Steps 3 – 5. Still working on Step 6 (there is so many good blogs to read and soooo little time).

I figured I would upload Steps 3 – 5 here in one central location so they are easier for you all to find 🙂

Assignment 1 Company Review

BSA Spreadsheet Assignment 1 Step 4

BSA Annual Report 2014

BSA Annual Report 2015

BSA Annual Report 2016

Assignment 1 Step 5

If someone had asked me this time last year if I would ever find accounting interesting they would have been met with a resounding “do I look like a numbers geek to you?”. But I can gladly say now that accounting is surprisingly interesting. Definitely not just for numbers geeks (unless, of course, I am a secret numbers geek?)



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